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Public organization
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Public organization
of invalids and the parents of children-invalids
Saint-Petersburg, Russia


Dear Friends !

Our organisation unites parents who have deaf children. Children of various ages from 3 to 20 study both in general and special schools. The children know both sign language and spoken language.

The main task of the organisation is the creative rehabilitation of children with impaired hearing. The unique quality of the group is that our children learn drawing, pantomime, music, modelling in clay, and museum education. Major attention is devoted to art therapy. A professional sculptor conducts the clay modelling classes. A professional artist also teaches the drawing classes. She is deaf too, but she was able to achieve professional success through her creative work. A professional actress from the "Litsidei" theatre teaches pantomime to the children in "Chaplin-club".
As a result of the complex of creative activities, the children obtain all-round development. They acquire not only various skills, their thinking is also developed actively.
Much attention is also paid to the children's physical development. During school holidays we organise excursions out of town and hikes among cliffs, where the children learn the basics of rock-climbing.

If you are interested in our organisation, we would be glad to arrange any kind of cooperation:
- friendly correspondence among children and parents,
- exchanging experience on overcoming similar problems of the development of deaf children,
- exchanging information about how to organise all kinds of international activities (festivals, competitions, conferences), in which children and their parents could participate,
- organising joint programmes for the rehabilitation of deaf children and organising their summer holidays.




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